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Camp Karin

If you’re looking for a truly unique camping experience, choose Camp Karin!

Camp Karin is a beachfront campsite set on the unique Karin Sea, some say „the smallest sea in the world“. Its stunning environment of natural beauty, old pinewood trees and crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea combine the relaxed ambiance of Karin with the refined hospitality and the incomparable advantages of a modern camping site.


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Located on a cascading slope with breathtaking views, you can choose between shaded and semi-shaded plots, all close to the beach.



We have beautiful French Nateko Glamping tents for hire, equipped with a double bed, fresh linen and towels, a set of table and chairs, and a small front deck.


Mobile Homes

Create memorable moments in this unique family-friendly campsite. 

New luxurious and superbly equipped mobile homes are available for the first time this year.

Sanitary facilities


Mini Market

Family vacation and activities

Beach restaurant


Biodesign pool

Beach for dogs

Day Activities




Standup Paddle


Horseback riding



Beach & Poll

The beautiful sand and pebble beach with a breathtaking view.

Children Playground

Playground created to provide your children fun throughout the day.

Beach & Poll

The 15 century monastery gives you a glimpse to the rich history of this place.

Camp Offer

Explore what the campsite has to offer.


Indulge yourself to the gastronomic delicacies of local Mediterranean cuisine in the pleasant ambience of a restaurant located at the attractive location overlooking the crystal clear sea.