Gornji Karin is a seaside resort located in Croatia, Zadar County, on the coast of one of the smallest seas in the world, Karin sea. Donji and Gornji Karin are divided by the river Karišnica, which, together with river Bijela Rijeka flow into the Adriatic Sea. Gornji Karin is an integral part of the City of Obrovac, while Donji Karin falls under the jurisdiction of the City of Benkovac. Gornji Karin is dominated by a newly arranged beach, an ideal place for relaxation, swimming and entertainment.

On the slopes above the Karin Sea are the remains of the Liburnian-Roman city of Corinium. An amphitheater and a temple to the goddess Latri were also built in the city. After the conquests of the Goths (5th-6th century), the ruined Roman city was inhabited and rebuilt by Croats and it became the seat of Croatian nobles. Lapčanin Voniha gets the town of Karin as a gift by marrying the daughter of King Zvonimir. Voniha had no descendants, so Karin inherited the power of the Lapčani, who gave rise to the Karinjani nobility, first mentioned in 1349.

For those eager for culture: visit the Monastery of St. Mary the Immaculate or Miodrag gradina.