Monastery of St. Mary Immaculate

Monastery of St. Mary Immaculate

Not far from the mouth of the Karišnica river, in the lowlands where the road from the Benkovac plateau descends abruptly towards the sea bay, there is a home of solitude and prayer. A hospitable shelter for tired travelers, an open house to anyone: St Mary Immaculate Monastery.

A stone cross made of wicker and the walls of the monastery corridor testifies to the time of the Croatian national rulers and the Karin Lapčani. The area was inhabited by Franciscan priests in the 15th century. Under Turkish rule, the Franciscans pastorized the surrounding area, and they continued to do so later. They spread devotion to Mary and to St. Pascal, protector of cattle. The monastery used to have schools, and there is a small but valuable library. A small monastery cemetery is a place where monks gather, to remember those who found themselves in Karin solitude.

This is certainly one of the oldest monasteries in the Province, and it was inhabited by Franciscans from Bosnia in 1429. In 1514, the monastery was annexed to the province of Bosnia Croatia, the Trsat Custody, while all other monasteries remained within the Bosnian Vicariate.

The monastery used to have schools, and there was a small but valuable library with about 400 books, five incunabula and some manuscripts, and an archive.

The monastery, together with the church and the bell tower, was destroyed in 1991. The renovation began in the spring of 1997., under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. Original building materials were incorporated in the renovation, together with some new elements. Thus, half-millennial spirituality and Franciscan and national memory were restored to Karin.

The restored monastery was ceremoniously opened on the feast of Our Lady of the Angels 2. VIII. 2006. The monastery church in Karin belonged to the original type of so-called Franciscan Ecclesiastical Church, which corresponds to the time of its construction at the end of the third decade of the XV. century. Simultaneously with the monastery, the church was restored in its original form. In 2006, the Franciscans of the Province of the Most Holy Redeemer, in agreement with the Zadar archdiocese, took over the parish of Karin, and ceded the parish of Perušić to the archdiocese.