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The Park is south of the Velebit range of mountains (the largest in Croatia) and covers an area of just under 100 square km.

Paklenica is well known for its two canyons, Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica. (Big and small Paklenica!) Velika Paklenica is 14km long and between 500 to 800m wide. Mala Paklenica is, unsurprisingly, smaller but is still 12km long and between 400 to 500m wide. The Park’s highest peak is Vaganski vrh, which is 1,757 metres high.

A number of caves also exist in the National Park of various sizes, one of which you can visit.
The Park is very suitable for hiking, and a number of trails of different difficulty and length exist. Hiking is probably the best way to explore and really get a feel for the Park. If you’d prefer not to go off on your own, organised excursions are available. For those who are keen to go a little faster, cycling trails also exist.

For the more adventurous, climbing is a very popular activity in the Park. This activity in Paklenica draws climbers from all over Croatia and further away. Again, there are a number of climbing areas of varying levels of difficulty. Climbing in the Park is really only recommended if you’re an experienced climber, however.