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The best way to explore the Zrmanja Canyon is from the town of Jasenice (towards Obrovac), which is located several kilometers east of Maslenica. Obrovac is situated directly on karst Zrmanja River, but the access to the canyon, however, lies in front of the village a way. It is recommended to use the telephone poles as guides. There is a path leading to a viewing platform above the canyon between pole numbers 86 and 87.

A good starting point for a canoe trip is Kastel Zegarski, where there is also a rafting vendors. The village is located about 19 kilometers east of Obrovac on the Zrmanja River, but still behind the Krupa tributary. In general, about half of the more than 70 kilometer long river is navigable.

The approximately 4-hour-long rafting trip (swimming breaks and meals included) starts across a few small water levels until reaching the imposing Visoki Buk Waterfall. The 13 meter high waterfall can also be seen from an 80-meter long footpath going along the banks. The journey continues again, passing by rapids, smaller sinter terraces and waterfalls as well as by Ogarov Buk until reaching the village of Muskovici. This is the final destination and from here, participants will be brought back to the starting point.